Zino Ventures Family

KungHo Fund
Investing in U.S.-Focused Tech Start-Ups
Prosper Together

Established in 2020, Chain Reaction Group is the driving force belind KungHo Fund’s first U.S. Venture Capital raise.​

The KungHo Fund invests in global tech start-ups from anywhere in the world who aim to expand in the U.S. market.

KungHo honors the term “Gung-ho,” meaning work together, in harmony.
Investing in New Zealand Tech Start-Ups
Create New Value

Launched in September 2016, Zino Ventures is the first Chinese-led New Zealand Venture Capital firm.

Zino seeks to empower New Zealand technology-based expansion-stage companies to succeed in the global markets.

Zino Venture’s name is based on the Latin word “Sino”, which refers to Chinese culture, but with the “Z” for New Zealand. Zino is a symbol of innovation, flexibility and fearless global thinking.

Our Philosophy

Opportunities from Challenges

The opportunities that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic are the main drivers for establishing the Kung Ho Fund and strongly influence the fund’s operating philosophy.

As articulated by KungHo Fund’s CEO George Gong: “The pandemic’s impact on communities, organizations, and individuals has been phenomenal and COVID-19 has forever changed the way people connect, teach, learn, do business and organize as humankind. The result has been an enormous and continued demand for new technological innovations which will continue beyond COVID.”

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