Message from CEO

KungHo Fund Focus: Expansion into the USA

The KungHo Fund specifically targets startups looking to enter or expand within US markets. This geographic decision was intentional and is based on a number of trends:

US Scientific and Technological Advantages Stand Out Amidst the Shock of the Pandemic

  • With the world’s leading biomedical technology, the U.S. has taken the lead in recovering from the pandemic

The Three Traditional Strengths of American Innovation Remain Strong in the Post-Pandemic Era

  • Technology: The U.S. still leads
  • Talent: U.S. universities still produce the most outstanding talent
  • Market: The U.S. remains the largest financial and consumer market

Post-Epidemic Trends: Reasons for Accelerated Flow of Capital and Talent to the U.S.

  • The need to avoid risk: The U.S. remains the world’s strongest nation (militarily, economically, politically, and technologically), and its democratic political system provides a more stable social environment
  • The need for asset allocation: especially for investors whose main assets are not yet invested in the US
  • The need to fight inflation: global inflation, Federal Reserve rate hikes, overseas funds coming back to the US

Trends of Chinese Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital in America

  • Entrepreneurial enthusiasm of Chinese immigrants continues to rise
  • More self-confidence and affordability
  • Wealth Creation Effect
  • U.S. career paths have become less attractive

A New Form of Transnational Entrepreneurship Taking Shape in Response to New Geopolitical Trends

  • U.S. original technology (scientific research, technological advantages, intellectual property protection advantages)
  • China engineering center (Advantage of both quantity and quality of Chinese engineers)
  • Production base in China (supply chain advantage)
  • U.S. market advantage (U.S. single market advantage + global expansion advantage)
  • U.S. listing (capital market advantage)

Chinese Individual Venture Capitalists Tend to be Active

  • US is an attractive market for overseas Chinese investors